Saturday, December 12, 2009

Opening Thoughts

This is being written in the days, weeks, months before Chris' surgery.  At this time we don't yet know for certain which transplant center will be doing the lung transplant, but we thought we would set this up as a way to keep family and friends up-to-date on his situation.

First let me tell you about the title of this blog, it started out as Chris Doheny's Journey, which is why the web address is what it is.  Then I made the mistake of sharing the title with Chris and he, as is typical, made a comment and said, " I had hoped it would be something less awful".  And so the headline or title was born.

It is only fitting that we use "Something Less Awful", first Chris didn't like the original title and since the blog is about him and his goings-on he should have something to say about it.  Second, it kind of describes the whole transplant experience, we hope, ... something less awful than CF.  CF has been tough on Chris and all who know and love him, and while the transplant surgery and recovery will be hard as well, we hope it will lead to a situation that is less awful than CF. 

That being said, we now wait.

The next entry in this blog will be around the time of surgery.  We have made lists of friends who we will notify of its existence at the time of the surgery so that they can stay up to date.  I plan to update this blog via email, so if all goes as we expect, with the blog, it should be pretty current.  Feel free to send a link to this blog to any one you feel might be interested; if you were left off the original list please accept our apologies.

Chris on right, with brothers Justin, the Groom, and Tim. October 3, 2009

Wedding Toast

In October, Chris was Best Man at Justin's wedding. This video is Chris' toast to the couple.  It is very funny!