Thursday, September 23, 2010

goodbye, philly

this past tuesday i had yet another doctors appointment, just to check in after the hospitalization. everything looked ok, though my creatinine was still a little high. but my lung function was up to 53%, which is a small but significant increase from prior to all the infection drama.

now i'm back to a sort of waiting game. i've stopped all the antibiotics, but no one is totally convinced that the infection has been completely erased. so on october 12, i'll have one more CT scan to check everything out to be sure the infection has gone the way of the dodo. if it resurfaces by then, not sure what we're going to do, since the one antibiotic that kills it also knocks me on my ass and obliterates my kidneys. so here's hoping the infection is gone completely.

after the appointment, dad and i packed up the last of the philly apartment and turned in the keys. i wasn't too sad to say goodbye, frankly. it was a nice place and all, but it's been a rough few months and it's a lot more comfortable to be back in nj with the parents around while i re-rehab. the past few weeks negated a lot of the work i did to get back into game shape, so i'm practically starting from square one in terms of regaining my strength and putting back on the weight i lost (again) from this most recent ordeal.

so anyway, i'm back in nj for good. staying with the parents again, for now. still trying to get up and running.


  1. you know you'll miss philly. at least your semi-regular dinners w/a good friend, even if they did usually end up putting you back in the hospital. boooo.

  2. glad to hear you're heading back to NJ :-)

  3. As I mentioned, I am a weight gain expert. Peanut butter cups, Carvel sundaes and chocolate milk shakes. :)

  4. Patrick and I are so glad you are out of the hospital again and on your way to some constant TLC from mom & dad. Sure it will do the trick. K&P